since Potfest I have been under pressure to make more pots. a lot of the new stuff that came back from the fairs is spoken for by galleries, and others want some pieces as well, so I am hoping to make more along the same lines.


this one is made with the grogged pink stoneware clay, straight out of the bag.


I have put the crackle slip and chun combination over that combed surface before, getting an effect like raindrops clumping on a window pane. no doubt I will get something completely different with this … we’ll see.


continuing with these flange/handles – they often make a huge difference to a pot.


after three days I had a group of bigger pots,  but what I really need to do is replace all the slightly smaller, squat-shaped flagons, they are the ones that have sold.


somehow it’s quite difficult to bring the size down. only two are really the same shape and size.

1more flagons

this one is quite big


of course, it’s the very last one that has something of the same spirit. I mixed the solargis gris clay with some old reclaim and some grog to open it up, and became very unplastic and quite hard to work with.


I need some more bowls as one is sold and the other is at the Bircham gallery.


again the unplastic clay tended to split more than I wanted, and would not take the pressure of the wooden comb on the inside.


with a bit of mending I have two. now everything is drying ready for a bisc firing early next week.