the woods are getting quite threadbare now .. soon there won’t be any leaves at all and it will all be grim and dark.


I have to console myself  with amaryllis – I have a series of them …. the first is in flower, cream petals brushed with hot amaryllis orange. the trick is to leave them outside after they have finished, then about 4 weeks before you want them to flower, bring them into the warm and feed them like mad.

the bracken has beautiful colours just before it rots down; an almost indescribable intense soft russet, with dark russet stalks.


and my golden dog is rather perfect in the russet foreground, balancing out the warm sunlit background behind the silver birch.


winter here we come.



  1. It’s so dark already here, I’m surprised that’s not the case in England. First snow’s come and gone.

    I can’t believe I’m melancholic about missing a Winter. LOL!

    Great photos as always.

  2. All of the red has gone out of the trees in the last few days. We still had gold last weekend, and fire orange, but all that also is gone. The back deck is groaning with the weight of the leaves. Kitty is hilarious as he won’t step on any of them, so it takes him ages to work his way across to the door to come inside!!


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