I just turned off the burners, covered the flue up, filled up the holes in the clamming on the front, and turned off all the gas bottles. shut down the firing. it reached 1237 according to the pyro, but cone 10 went down okay, so that should in fact be 1280. it stuck at 1237 for one and a half hours, in spite of my best efforts, maybe it was the weather – very rough and windy, the flame kept being blown back down the flue.


actually the flame was half green from the copper, but that doesn’t show in the photograph.

a wet and windy night, but quite warm. its actually been a very warm day for the end of November, very nice for me since I was up and down the garden all day. I got up at 5.30 am to light the second burner, and got the temp up to 800 by 7.30. my firings are very fast for the first 1000 degrees, and then they get very slow, as the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is lowered and the firing is basically choked.


now it has to cool for 36 hours or so before I can open it up.

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