we went for a walk at dawn this morning, trying to avoid rain and delivery and collection times. there was just a wedge of clear sky to the east, and then thickening cloud arriving, so a classic pink dawn warning of rain to come. too dark to get a good picture, out of several very wavery ones, here is the least blurred.


we still got a bit wet, but home for a brisk rub down for the dogs, and a scalding cup of tea, and on with the day’s work. this afternoon the rain held off, although it was very windy, and I had a prowl round the garden. I found the first snowdrops,


one primrose clump,


and the hellebores in bud. there are dark reddish green ones too, but they wouldn’t show up much.


harbingers of Spring.

I am deep into knitting patterns at the moment – and yarn and needles, albeit the biggest old fashioned wooden ones, like the ones we used to knit string dishcloths on at primary school.