unfortunately I dropped my compact last week, so I took the opportunity to upgrade slightly and bought a Panasonic Lumix. here are photos I took walking in Goblin Combe near bristol on Saturday. I think it is an improvement.






the combe is a deep cleft in the limestone hills to the west of bristol, cliffs swarming with climbers, and a damp and gloomy path through moss and fern smothered trees and rocks from which you can climb to pretty planted woods and grassland.

later was the private view for my exhibition at Beaux Arts gallery in Bath. when I arrived, all the big pieces had sold, and I had an order for a similar pot to the biggest one, plus a few others sold during the evening. so I was very pleased, and it was nice to meet some of the collectors. Sadly a Japanese potter friend couldn’t make it, due to vehicle problems. its very strange to see those big pieces possibly for the last time.