milky morning

a spring morning too beautiful to resist, mild milky sky and hazy sunshine, heavy dew.


a tractor was out, sprinkling fertiliser on the beet


two hares appeared in the wheat, saw me, and hunkered down, no longer visible.

there is an ash tree in flower in the scrubby wetland. it is a graceful medium sized tree with yellow lichen on its branches.


the flowers are beautiful, green and purple fronds.


more deer hoofprints, these are roe, they are 1 3/4″ long.


(fallow prints are bigger, 2 1/2″). they go all the way up Cake’s lane, to a point where the deer seem to have been frightened. the prints go much deeper, as if the creature was “pronging” – bounding in the air as small deer often do when disturbed – and then they turn onto the field through a gap in the hedge. but other sets continue up the track. the deer seem to use this green road as a main street.

there is a wonderful amateur video on YouTube of a roe deer here . you can hear it bark right at the beginning of the film.

no deer this morning though


at home again I opened up the kiln. the firing is a success. I will post again with pot pictures.


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  1. Ah… Raiders of the lost roe. One day you’ll find one on your own, I guess. Lovely clip in the meantime.

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