beaches are often full of interesting minutiae for me, and I can’t resist aiming the camera at my feet. shells in various stages of erosion or accretion, pebbles with histories, patterns and prints on the sand. here is my collection from burnham.


the veined brown stone is a glacial erratic, maybe from Norway, and something to store up for the future. I didn’t bring it home, perhaps I should have.


this one is just like a tiny pot I would like to make – a piece of flint worn smooth.


and another flint, trying to look like a shell.


a whelk shell stripped down to absolutes. sand imprinted with wind and watermark.


I discovered this potter, Paul Philp. his work is some of the most interesting I have seen, all carved down into atavistic shapes and surfaces treated with slip, rubbed off, fired, and the process repeated several times until the broken matt texture resembles stone.

more here

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