this is the second time I have had a stand at Hatfield Art in clay – last year  it poured with rain for almost the whole three days – this time it was wall-to-wall sunshine and very hot, and on the Sunday afternoon it was the most exciting men’s Wimbledon final for years. people still came along – but I felt sorry for those who didn’t have a lovely Japanese fan like mine, made of paper and split bamboo – it is a very efficient cooler. the backdrop for the six marquees holding a hundred and ninety potters is the park of Hatfield House, acres of grass and woodland, with a little glimpse of the gilded towers and cupolas of the house visible in places, a wonderful place to camp. Tilda had an amazing encounter with a fox early on Sunday morning; it didn’t run away, but they seemed to be sizing each other up, until I called her – then the fox trotted off into the wood.


I was very pleased with my stand, it looked so much better than last year. the banner helped a lot. I had a range of work which was much more together, and more my own.

my stand

plus it was lighter anyway, with back-lighting in the morning as the sun lit up the tent. the pale grey linen curtains from Ikea and the only very slightly grey white of the plinths worked much better.


I sold one of these tall flagons, the quietest one, and one of the pod or tower shapes too.


there were two little black bottles here on the first day


it was really busy with serious collectors on the Friday, then it turned into more of a PR event over the weekend; I was pretty hoarse in the evenings. it was lovely to see friends – Jon and Jo, Tim and family, Dameon, Addy and Rohan, Mark, Brigitte, James and Sam, Gas and Sara, and Sarah, who all came to visit me over the three days, bearing presents too! some of these photos are taken by James and Jon (thank you!). camping was pleasant in such lovely weather, and I spent three wonderful evenings with close potter friends, relaxing and eating. (I have to recommend hatfield fish and chips – very fresh fish). ceramic fairs are a great opportunity to meet up with other potters, and look at other people’s work. I came back with several pieces from Susanne Lukas-Ringel, Sabine Nemet, and two platters from Jean-Nicolas Gérard, and a very beautiful little yunomi (teabowl) from my neighbouring stand, John Jelfs, consumate potter and good friend. I should also mention collector Godfrey Fry who helped me put the stand together and always offers helpful and thoughtful advice.


the izettle credit payment app worked very well, once I got the card reader charged up …..


I had the pod form that sold down here on the ground, next to this big bottle which is 6 years old and never been shown before . you would think that would be the last place anyone would notice it – but actually then you could see the grooving in the top properly.

water ice bottles

lots of people loved the icy blues and greys – they said it made them feel cooler and refreshed.


it’s the Emanuel Cooper delicate chun that’s doing it, the bubbles in it bend the light and give these lovely pale blues and opalescent effects.


two of these flagons from the last firing also went, which was very pleasing – I have several more waiting to be fired.


there was plenty of interest in the ash glazes, and I hope these will do well in the future.


several gallery owners also liked the work – so watch this space!

I have another fair to do in about three weeks, Potfest in the Pens, in Penrith cattle market, on the second, third, and fourth of August.