more testing


I tested organic cotton dipped in soya milk as well as the usual fabrics this time. not totally convinced by the results.


there is more colour, but I’m not so keen on the dirty ochres and golds this new eucalyptus source is giving me. seems that is what eucalyptus does in Spain. add iron and you get purples.

3ocseucleaves pink

however, some subtle rusty pinks appeared from the new leaves, only on cotton with soya. do I need to cook longer, perhaps?


gum cistus leaves gave interesting watery outlines and the marigolds seem to like cotton


again cotton and iron giving me negative prints with the eucalyptus leaves


linen with soy is messy but interesting, certainly the marigolds and the gum cistus are doing nice things.


silk has a greenish tinge where the iron is affecting the eucalyptus leaves


and there are definite green things going on with the corn marigold stalks on the wool gauze. but on this the eucalypt leaves aren’t even giving a print mostly, just a big dirty yellow blob.


however, cotton soaked in iron water is getting a sort of spot print off the eucalypt leaves, which is great. I think this is perhaps the most promising of the bunch. what a good thing, as I have it in mind to make a simple pull-on sleeveless tunic dress with the organic cotton. also I’m inspired to look on line for some linen.


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