a lot of work to finish

I have a shed full of biscuit-fired pots to glaze, it may take three glaze firings to whittle them down.


this one has been sitting under the bench a bit neglected, it’s actually at least two, maybe three years since I made it.


I have this one too, I did start to glaze it last year. but today I had a visitor  who took three big bottles, one of this masculine sort, and


this one, and another which we agreed had the same reference to a female robed figure; to put on Rowntree Clark’s stand with the William Turnbull, Peter Lanyon, and Denis Bowen paintings, all abstract painters of the fifties and sixties, which Edward Clark is showing at Art Antiques London. this is an enormous compliment, and I am very excited about it.


the twenty four bottles and flagons I made before I went to Spain have all been bisc fired, and now I have to choose what glaze to put on them. quite a few will get the oxide, slip and chun glaze that I have been using so much recently, and some will be set aside for the wood firing week I am doing at Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet’s workshop in August.


but a few are going to be glazed with my old dry glazes too.


so tomorrow I will get out my squirrel – a glaze mixer which fits onto an electric drill –  stir up all the glaze bins, and get started on glazing.

meanwhile I can’t resist posting more pictures of the garden


I have aquilegias in two colours, a present from Kay Corbett (cabinet maker extraordinaire) 2 years ago, and they are really something this year.


lots of sweet peas to pick, from purple to freckled red on white with plum edges,


love in the mist


these marigolds, which are more daisy like, and in fact almost a bigger version of corn marigolds.


and Madame Isaac Perriere is absolutely covered in these gorgeous citrus smelling blooms



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