in Paris again for fashion week. it seems a long time since I did a Paris post


this is the view from the apartment window. we are above and opposite the Tuilerie gardens, very beautiful views of the Paris skyline, the Eiffel Tower, and all the rest, but awful traffic noise with the windows open. and it has been so warm we have had to have the windows open. this morning I can smell the traffic as well, and there is a bit of pollution haze on the horizon.


the collection is very happy in this lovely well lit apartment


and the group we have is all on the artesanal end of things, very small producers


like Christine Birkle of Hut-up


with beautiful dresses, coats, tops … and funny felt animals


I love her happy whales


and we have Aurore Thibout this time,


with beautiful silks dyed by artisans in Taiwan


wonderful tailored casuals and more formal things by Miao Ran from Milan


Colomba Leddi’s crisp and fresh printed cottons which are very special


and Stefano Poletti’s beautiful glass jewellery, made in Paris from special materials. these pieces are from mirror made in Murano, engraved and cut and mounted by Stefano here.


the apartment has some nice bits of furniture, like this art deco shelving unit


and an art deco cabinet – most of the furniture is tidied away for our week’s exhibition though.


the building is pretty special too


marble, wrought iron, the original cage lift


stained glass, parquet floors ……

the alternative is to show in a gallery in the Marais, cool and fashiony, but small spaces with concrete floors, no civilised private areas like we have here, with out lovely bathroom, kitchen …. and the views.

we are still very very sad to have lost the house that Philippe had before, but in lots of ways this is better for the light, and for the position, just opposite the big tent shows in the jardin de Tulieries.