sizing up the sky

my walks have gained another purpose;


I am consciously looking for visual material in a different way

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because I have started trying to paint landscapes.

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this being Norfolk,

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the sky tends to dominate

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and I am happy on days when the clouds have some drama,

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or they interact with the basic elements of the Norfolk fieldscape –

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treeline –

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texture –

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in an interesting way,

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or the light illuminates the land in a special way.

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I am helped in this by the app I use for taking photos with my iphone.

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it makes up for the juggling act one has to do between land and sky.

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it is impossible to balance the photograph,

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sometimes the sunlight lights the foreground though.

for blog_9540

this is about my favourite view because the detail on that horizon is so rich.

however my painting technique has not caught up with my ambition yet.

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