October pushes us on into autumn

more trees are turning, gold and the odd touch of russet red

even a wet grey day has its pleasures

fallen leaves glow

reflect light upwards

wet always makes bracken fronds more colourful

and grey old stalks in the hedgerow stand out as skeletal sculptures

quite a busy time for farmers, a new growing season, winter wheat, autumn barley, rape is up and flourishing, and it is sugar beet harvesting season

I found the so empty field being ploughed and cultivated on Monday

the cultivator is pulled along behind the plough, detached at the end of the row

and cleverly caught up again as the tractor returns to the furrow, leaning into the deep edge.

a great subject to attempt

the shape of the coulters, blades or what-have-yous so flower-like as they are tipped up, steel polished by earth and red paint flashing like teeth, or flower petals

a complex painting

tussling with proportion and perspective,

painterliness and colour

in the end had to stop myself fiddling with it. now I’m looking for a simpler subject for the next one