full-on colour

autumn afternoon walks mean that I often catch marvellously coloured skies

colours are warmer, glowier

burning brighter

inspiring new paintings

plants show up surprisingly against a still green backcloth

the dahlias are still volcanic in Paul’s garden

joining the golden late sunshine

keeping our mental toes warm

I hope there’s not a frost tonight or it will all be over

I have had them indoors

and been painting them

against the window light. the rosehips and the turquoise ocean bowl by my friend Jan Lewin Cadogan act as counterpoint

although the pots in this composition also engage me

it’s the flowers that are centre stage. getting the acrylic paint to create the burn, the red light.

the pink undercoat helps to make that glow.

I just picked some more – another painting to do ….

and so ….. another small canvas 12 x 12 inches (30 cm)

now I feel a bit addicted to painting dahlias …..



  1. I just love watching how those everyday photographs, stage by stage, become such subtle and beautiful paintings. Together they all make up such a lovely record of landscape and flora (both wild and tame) through the seasons.

    With thanks

  2. Couldn’t be better for me – I only mentioned your pleasing colours last week. I love your word play too – glowier- sums it up beautifully!

    1. thanks Biddy, thank you for reading it, and nice comment. I think colour very important to me, and not always the natural colours either

  3. It is so interesting to see the build up of the painting, the colours intensifying as you layer them and how such a beautiful painting is created. Lovely!

  4. Dark and deep the autumn countryside in the changing season,
    Last vestiges of summer holding on,
    But nothing can stop the march of the year progressing,
    All so fast seasons flashing by beyond reason.

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