winter light

there is a compensation for the shortness of days and the lessening of light in December.

it’s the softness and warmth of the light around dusk

which enfolds the countryside in a magical cocoon of pinkish glamour

taking Bimba for a short second walk at this time of day

especially in the green lane

or Clip street where the outlook is over towards the sea

the light and the sky always a reward.

or on frosty mornings, when the light twinkles sequins in the leaves

outlines sculptural shapes

like jewellery

and we stand and gawp at the magnificence.

or we listen for geese

it’s been Brent geese this week, inland from their usual coastal marsh haunts for easier pickings on the winter wheat in the cold

and they did get a few days peace on this field

until their presence was noted and a bird scarer installed – a huge bang with a big puff of smoke, and they were up and away … now the weather has warmed up so I hope they are back on the saltmarshes.

one sunny but cold morning we explored parts of Bullfer grove I’d not bothered with before.

a path around the far side was rather inviting

amongst fallen leaves which the evening before had glowed copper

still bright in daylight

the low sun picks out the hedges and trees

and bracken in a slow fire.

this morning it’s much milder, and gloomier

in the soft grey light. I have to think about three large paintings looking towards the coast at Cley, at Cley 18 for which I’ve been selected to make good my proposal …..

though I have a few more of these still life paintings to work on.


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