high summer and low tide

my last summer in Norfolk

this was high tide early in August when it came up high enough for a little paddling at Morston around the last bridge and some of the creeks. the blue reflections

of the early morning sky and the sea lavender were clear and gentle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the marsh like that before. but it is always different.

the week before I had taken Bims for hr first beach walk since March. lock down and ground-nesting birds had made it impossible and she hadn’t had an off lead walk at all. I had intended to try Holkham, but at 7.30 am there were four horse boxes parked there, so I drove past and we went to Burnham Overy, stopping before the Staithe to park on the corner and walk down the cattle drover track between the marshes. A good half-hour walk before the beach.

up and over the last dune, and there was nobody and the tide was well out.

she had a wonderful time. I was almost tempted to swim.

next week, on the hottest day, Lucy and I took a break from shed-clearing to have a swim and a picnic breakfast there.

the tide was in, and there were a few people around already

and a little spaniel for Bims to play with.

we swam – and it was cold. so long since I had been for a swim – not since our swallows and amazons day on Blakeney point in 2010 – and I found it hard to breathe in the cold water. but I am very glad I did.

Bims is not a swimmer, she’s about ok to get her belly wet, but that’s all. I made sure she got wet before we walked back, it was already hot, and when we got back to the car at 9.30 it registered 35C, much too hot for dogs. she faltered for the last 300 yards of the track, and was a little indisposed overnight. I discovered my car’s AC is not working.

by the end of the next day a sea fret had come down on North Norfolk, and we were spared the worst of the heat.

it wasn’t cold like the usual haar though, 20C. early morning walks made your hair damp.

Lucy went back to Scotland, the skip filled and a list made for freecycling and recycling and dump-tripping. I shall follow her when the sale of the house goes through.

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