and November is here

I’m just looking at my prairie flowers which are still blooming away, wondering when the first frost will wither them.

or if it will. I have bags of bark to mulch them with but I don’t see how to do that at the moment.

that orange colour seems to have transferred itself to my palette. well, I did buy a tube of cadmium orange paint.

but then more layers, so the orange is just vibrating quietly in the background

maybe something to do with brass instruments

it popped up in other places too – this is a small board. with small I can be terribly simple, but it’s much harder on a bigger painting.

I have a lot of little postcard size paintings mounted on card, which I did for Open Studios.

North Fife Open Studios was held just for one weekend in October. it was really a bit cold and damp for having doors open and people coming and going. I had fourteen visitors in all. I think with being a new artist to the area, and people not really fully into going out and about because of the pandemic, I was lucky to have that many.

not quite so small but feeling the effects of working on a lot of small things at the same time. I’m still quite pleased with this one a couple of weeks later.

and here is one that a couple of posts ago was a rich yellow with strong blue corners …two or three more layers and changes of mind

and some text

rearranging sunlight. it’s quite cheerful and cheeky.

beach walking continues

it’s very soothing

there’s always something to be awed by

mesmerised by

inspired by.

autumn proceeds

the woods are full of treasures

I did a bit of leaf printing

I draw almost every day

so many things make me want to draw

the landscape changes all the time, with new growth


the light is different

so many forms and colours

every wood is a joy, and a sadness of transience at the moment

there are lots of woods in this part of Fife, Kemback, Cairngreen, Owlet .. not to mention Lumbo and Spinkie dens and Lade Braes in St Andrews.

Kemback is particularly gorgeous

the waterfalls on its steep slopes were very active after the heavy rain this weekend

I was drawing in the rain under a dripping tree on Blebo Craig, above Kemback.

a watery postcard

walking around Craiglug yesterday

I did quite a few drawings

and back in the studio

some chemistry with new woody crayons, pastel and some paint on paper

over this big panel

and here we are. painting on panel is quite different to canvas, it’s much more like working on paper.

I think paying attention

being attentive

allows things to go on in the brain. there are no shortcuts though. today in the studio was mess-making. ultimately it contributes, if you eventually get there, but meanwhile it’s pretty frustrating.

sometimes sewing is more comforting.






  1. Lovely autumn colours and thoughts and scenes, you record nature so well, and it’s always lovely to see your interpretations of it and the changes and colours that come and go.

  2. This blog seems to illustrate your growing connection with your new area Jane. I love how your construction, destruction and re construction in your paintings echos the seasons that you photograph. It is a lovely blog and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts snd your work. Bxx

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