at last a good photo of a painted lady, on the wild valerian at the front of the cottages. it was a big one, a little the worse for wear, they seem to vary in size quite a lot.


apparently it is the most widespread butterfly on the planet, occurring in north and south America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

after the rain we’ve had this week everything is growing and flowering like mad; Cake’s Lane is getting quite shaggy.


the dog roses are flowering in the hedges


honeysuckle tendrils weaving through the bracken with a pretty show of flowers


the hogweed makes a pattern of lace in the roadside verge, but while it is the right scale for the landscape here, in my garden it is too brutal.


it is a very sculptural plant, and I love to have it indoors when the seedheads develop.


here are the last group of porcelain pots, made yesterday, using an old nylon spike type hairbrush to impress and draw abstract patterns.


I hope to get them in a bisque firing early this week and then there will be another glaze firing next weekend or early next week, to finish two more of the black clay cone forms which I need to replace the cracked one for Salthouse.