as we walked along the edge of the woods this morning I noticed geese on the stubble upslope from us. at first they didn’t take much notice, perhaps the woods behind camouflaged us, but more and more heads came up with honking and squeaking, and I could see it was quite a big flock. suddenly up they went, flew round a couple of times, and then must have decided we were not much of a threat, down they came again, letting the wind out from under their wings in that sideways motion that looks so effortless.


but they didn’t stay long, as we walked up the ride between high hedges they all took off again, came over the hedge, but I couldn’t photograph them because the trees were in the way, then rose up, shaped themselves into a messy sort of vee shape with trailing edges and off they went in search of quieter and more sugarbeet filled fields.

here is some work in progress