I had my best friend’s daughter, and my daughter’s best friend, to stay this weekend. we had a nice time visiting a bit of the coast I don’t go to much yesterday. this beach is a site where fossil elephants from 700,000 years ago have been found.


here is my website designer on the beach


it has a chalk floor with huge circular masses of flints in it – a geologist’s paradise – and inspiration for my pots


look out for pots like this anytime soon. then we went to Cromer and walked on the pier.


I had to make sure I didn’t look down as you could see the beach and the sea below through the floorboards. wonderful views of eau de nil coloured very calm sea all around. it has a theatre as you can see, and in the summer there is a great end-of-pier variety show.


we bought a dressed Cromer crab and had it on toast for lunch.