leaves and layers

at last, clay dried out enough to work today. so I made one very big pot from 2 pieces of crank (clay made for sculptural handbuilding, almost more grog than clay) with David Leach porcelain layered on top.


it was very stiff and horrible to work with in fact, I had to wet it down a bit. but it split satisfactorily.


I hope it will shrink 1 1/2″ or it won’t fit in the kiln. 4 small pots came out of the scrap. then another tall but half the width, bottle, with a more expensive crank and a cheap T material substitute, like a white crank, also horribly stiff to work, but slapped about with the paddle the shape came out quite well I think.

I had time for a walk with the camera in Holt Lowes – the leaves are just on the point this weekend – windy weather and we will lose them, but for the time being they have that intense blaze of colour as though all the sunlight they have absorbed is shining back out of them. I think you only see this when the weather is as grey as it has been this weekend.


I can’t resist photographing them anyway.



  1. ooooo pots look amazing! can’t wait to see them all glazed up!
    leaves look good too – ours are the same, feeling very autumny here. I should take some pics too.

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