four and a half weeks on from winter solstice, and the weather spring-like, with birdsong in the mornings; January almost over. the winter geese are still with us; Pinkfooted leave by the end of March, but Brent stay until April or May.


walking around Holt Lowes’ scrubby woodland in the sunshine yesterday, there was no real sign of spring in the undergrowth – abundant russet bracken which still hangs on, autumn leaves still piled up – but suddenly I noticed all the gorse in flower. it’s a kind of gorsebush which flowers all year round to an extent, but this looked like a positive surge of yellow flowers.


something soft and indefinite about the light, not full sunshine, with everything still sodden from the days of rain.


there was a Muntjac deer in full sight amongst the bracken which Tilda and Sal could not resist. they lost it immediately, but T did three more passes around the woods looking for it.