yesterday there were five hares on the skyline of the wheat field, boxing, leaping about, carrying on their spring rituals. three came towards us, oblivious, about halfway down the hill, and two proceeded to mate, with the supernumary male jumping on and off them, trying to push the lucky one off. Finally the female rushed off with the two males in pursuit, accompanied by the shrieking of the frustrated dogs, as I had a very tight hold on them.


violets are everywhere, in the grass of banks and hedgerows, in my garden, on the edges of other gardens, in the woods and ditches. I got a glimpse of the roe buck today, just an instant’s vision of brown limbs between the tree trunks in the wood.

pots are coming on, here’s a row of happy little ones dried out on the heater in the workshop.


and a close up of big pot shoulders


looks like I am going to have a firing of tall pots all laid on their sides again at 1150 C in order to shrink them for the glaze firing. I have four which are all about twenty three inches.


but here is today’s effort – polka dot pot.


the white spots are porcelain inlay, and under a thin veiling of my barium glaze they should look like blossom, or snow flakes. note the partly open door behind … the weather has suddenly become mild and calm.


  1. Hi Jane,

    I stopped by to check out your pictures. I enjoy seeing your latest creations. Looks like you have been having wild weather.


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