yesterday when I was in my workshop, I found this butterfly trapped in a spider’s web.


it’s a peacock, and they often hibernate in sheds. I detached it from the web silk, and as it seemed very slow, and the weather not really warm enough for butterflies, I fed it sugar water.


it sucked away enthusiastically, unfurling the coiled tongue. when I next looked it had crawled to the edge of the bench and tucked itself away for further sleep, I imagine. more rescues! I heard that the kestrel had spent three days on the floor of the aviary before getting up enough strength to fly at all. they think another week and he will be well enough to release.

some pots from yesterday


I am beginning to get the feel of this magma crank, but soon I must resuscitate the two buckets of reclaim clay and then that will be a whole different thing.

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