I think the exhibition at the Bircham Gallery looks very good. the pots relate well to Elaine Cox’s paintings and we managed to place them so that they almost matched.


there were two internet sales before the show and one sold on Friday when we were putting it up.

Elaine’s paintings have wonderful surfaces, layered up and washed down again, then layered again, on torn paper with metallic paint areas and stained areas. you can’t see this at all from my photos. she is also a jewelery maker; you can get some idea of her work from this photo.


the ring on the bottom right hand corner has crushed ruby chips embedded in its rectangular enclosure.


and this pot, one of the anagama fired ones from 2007, had a lime pop hole, which was mended by my friend Gas Kimishima with Japanese lacquer and  gold powder, so it has a little badge of gold near its shoulder.


there is a lot of very new work in this show, so it’s nice to see it out of the workshop. this is the last one for a while, some time  next year I will have an exhibition at the Stour Gallery in Shipston on Stour. meanwhile I have a project to make some small porcelain pieces for Japan, for the Mina Perhonen shop in Kyoto. which is very exciting.