exhibiting in shipston-on-stour

my exhibition at the Stour Gallery has been on for three weeks now, and I am only just getting around to posting about it. I probably needed a bit of distance before thinking about it again.


the pots are a mixture of quite a range of older dates and the very new just-out-of-the-kiln. in the window a flask from 2007 (most of these went to Japan) and a porcelain bowl made last December and re-glazed in the last firing. this should have gone to Japan, but I discovered that the glaze leaches poisonous barium carbonate in contact with food, so we decided it was better for Mina Perhonen not to have them in their shop, just in case …


I have only two photos from the gallery; it was evening and the lighting made it too difficult, so I can’t really give you a good idea of how it looks, but I am very pleased. the mixture of my pots, which seem very restrained with their rock/nature surfaces and colours, with brightly coloured late 20th C “Modern Master” original prints – Bruce McLean, Albert Irwin, Ceri Richards, Sandra Blow, Terry Frost et al – and a great Maurice Cockerill canvas with thick mauve paint pooled and almost spilling off – and Adrian Frost’s vibrant little abstract paintings, works extremely well, and even better, an arrangement of my pots including some of the grey-blue textured porcelains along a low shelf under a selection of delicate Peter Blake prints in similar blue greys and browns.


this saggar-fired bottle from last September looked particularly good under a big striking McLean print.


it was nice to see some more pieces fired in Gas Kimishima’s 2008 anagama out in the world too, like this quiet scored bottle.


this new porcelain layered piece looked very striking too, some good lighting and the gallery white wall does help!


Sarah asked for a couple of these porcelain stem bowls – I will be interested to see if they sell. they are somewhat different from my usual rugged oeuvre.


the exhibition is on for two months, finishing at the end of August, which I am also pleased about, especially as it’s the only exposure my pots are getting this year.

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