new work

making pots in the summer is bliss, they dry so quickly, the days are long and start early with a long walk


with inspiration coming at me from all directions


after a big storm the lanes seemed like stream beds, full of mud, sand and stones.


the workshop has its guardians this month, a second brood nest of blackbirds


there were three eggs in the nest when Simon cut down the big banksii rose that had climbed onto the roof; luckily the blackbirds had made the nest in another rose, the Blushing Lucy (smells of apples) which was struggling to get out from under the other, but I really had my doubts about mama staying. miraculously she did, and despite my ducking under the nest to get into the workshop, and being in there just a few feet away, the parents have brooded and fed, and the nest and nestlings even survived the storm, which chucked down almost two inches of rain in a couple of hours with continuous lightning flashes and bangs. I think the nest is tipped at slightly more of an angle. it’s a sturdy construction of twigs and moss.


these lilies are reminiscent of baby birds gaping for food. the first out in the garden, and scented at night.


on damp mornings the snails are out on the tarmac, delicate little banded snails with translucent bodies.


another bisque firing this week


leaving room in the workshop for more making. I have revived this idea of “wings” from about five years ago


with the clematis impressions there’s lots of movement in these pieces


a taller one


baby wings


waiting for the clay to set a bit today


some are a bit batty


very hot in there in the afternoons, I work mostly in the mornings and early evening, then we have another walk after supper.

mall copper

today a small copper settled on my arm, tired out from trying to find its way outside in the heat.


and a beady blackbird eye on me. I think mama has used some of my clematis stems in her nest.

(out in the lanes I have discovered that we have linnets, I’ve seen them twice, that’s new for me. I’ve been told by Paul from Bird Ventures that there’s two nests there.)

I’m going to continue making winged pieces, some larger, until there’s another kilnful, then I’ll start glazing.


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