I have just put up the fruits of my almost four weeks of painting in the village hall on the walls of said hall, to share them with the users of the hall, and anyone else who wants to see them. so tonight we have our monthly fish and chips night and it’s a bit like a private view, and I’m feeling rather nervous!


things have moved on since my last blog, I’ve mostly gone forward with the same sort of idea as the painting of the barleyfield and the blue horizon trees, or at least I have tried to, and made my painting as loose as I can, closing in on small portions of some of the other paintings,


(this is from one I painted back in late winter)


or working more loosely from photos. on each one I am learning more, how much I need to simplify, but draw convincingly with the brush


letting the brush strokes themselves tell the story


trying canvas again after fifteen or so years, this one had its own special difficulties


but this little tree worked

blogpics12aug_1468 copy

this is a coarser canvas which is quite problematic to work on if you want loose brush strokes to work. I think this is too much dark too early


but I arrived at this, eventually and I’m pleased with its overall simplicity


this one started simple


ended up a little overdone


going for more simple


after painting this one, they both have their good points, I think …


a bit different, from a very dark photo which allowed me to invent more …. but the red came from the original image, I kept it because it’s so strong.


then I revisited the barley field with the blue trees, pulled out this oak from the soft and smoky background, it’s on a linen canvas, which is SO much nicer to paint on, an old painting, I just restretched it with the back uppermost.


it’s great to see them displayed together, with a couple of older pieces

blogpics12aug_1552 copy

framing makes them look very much more grown up


I haven’t got as far as framing any more (huge expense)

blogpics12aug_1554 copy

the canvases at least don’t absolutely need it like the ply panel ones


but at least the white paper background helps a bit.


fourteen altogether. so now, what about all that clay, and coil pot work waiting to be done?