our skies are grey this week, with a cold easterly and then northerly, and then back to vicious easterly and fine damp mist.

my last painting was in a similar state,

but it seems soft grey skies can inspire something better

this is “A Little Rain Earlier” after today’s transformation. it is only 24 x 30cm.

despite the cold wild flowers are showing up in the lanes.

this bank of borage repeats year after year.

down Cake’s lane the ferns are all coming up strongly, male fern

and hart’s tongue like a green crown.

red campion start early and go on half the summer.

I’m not sure if the bracken isn’t a bit slow this year.

but all is greened up, except for the ash trees, which seem to be waiting for warmer weather.

I put these bean and chard plants in a week ago, watered them today as everything is dry. the state of their greenness entirely due to being raised in a greenhouse; the runner beans seem to have grown but nothing else has the larder in the seed to make such immediate progress.